Actually, I never say “howdy” despite being from Texas.

I am internet obsessed. Not the often assumed social media scroll-scroll life of Instagrams, TikToks and Snapchats. I mean THE INTERNET.

For me, the internet opened my eyes to possibilities and clued me in on how greatly humanity would shift. The excitement  is how knowledge has never been as accessible. 

I consumed bytes and bits at a pace on par with my book addiction. If there was something to learn, to explore—I was first in line.

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What started off as curiosity about the how and why of websites at 10-years-old turned in an obsession driven life (and career). From printing out source code of websites on reamed printer paper to toying with building with blockchain on weekends, the curiosity never stopped.


With a lack of patience for traditional design methods and a growing tinkering with tech and coding habit, the rise of UX presented the never before respected way to create. I dove into the world of UX (technical, design and research) and my years of expertise is a key cornerstone in my life.


An explosion of accessible tech and transformative storage changes lead to the big data boom that grabbed my attention. With my skillsets, I turned to become a data science to prove what deep understanding of tech and data can do when thinking people first.


Today, I my days are full of being able to bounce between my three pillars. For tomorrow, there is an excitement about optimized AI, the accessibility of a decentralized web, peer-to-peer mesh networks, the advent of a new protocol, Web3 and everything it takes to make the future.

So what do I actually do? Well, I work in advertising and marketing.

Greatest Hits:

HTML, CSS, JS (yes, React)

Pick a CMS, I’ve touched it

SQL the OG



Python (mainly data)


Adobe, Sketch, Figma

Final Cut, After Effects

UX for iOS, Web, SaaS

Consulting and sales

Service building and ops

12+ years management

Staff development


Universal Design & Accessibility

Data analytics, machine learning

Go-to marketing strategy and launch

Greatest Bids:

If you are looking to get in touch, you can do that. The internet is magic. 

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Reach out to me