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With the health care reform changes, Community Health Choice saw the opportunity to reposition themselves. After completing market research, developing a new message with new attributes and a new brand, they reached out for assistance is better understanding in how to best reach their digital users.

CHC Before and After


With the rise of mobile usage and a predominately Spanish speaking audience, we knew that a website overhaul needed to be the top priority. They understood the importance of providing an optimal user experience, not just an updated infrastructure and nice design. Rounds of user experience test groups in both English and Spanish were conducted throughout the entire process. Testing on mobile and desktop was optimal.

While getting praise from the client is always an accomplishment, the true win happened when users couldn’t help but add to the chorus. Traffic to the site increased and content has never been easier to find. Every part of the project was designed, developed, and positioned on direct user feedback.

Team Role: Digital and UX Director

CHC Website

CHC Website

CHC Website