Facebook is Changing


While the event is aimed at developers, it’s the perfect stage for Facebook to announce some of its larger initiatives and to provide insights into the future of the platform.

This is why we made sure to catch the important nuggets to share. Here’s the need-to-know breakdown:

  1. All of your messages belong to Facebook.
    Remember that time Facebook purchased WhatsApp and then forced users to download theirMessenger app? It paid off. With messaging app use on the rise, Messenger will support more direct communication between people and brands. Through a new bot platform, bots can be deployed to act as virtual assistants, allowing people to make online orders for a variety of things, to schedule a day or to fetch the latest news.
  2. Saving your content to Facebook for later might start working like it should.
    With Facebook pushing their Instant Articles feature, they rolled out a web button companion that says “Save to Facebook.” While saving your content to your Facebook account for later reading has been around, it hasn’t been well utilized. Now, articles and content from across the web have an insta-save button and help content reach that much further.
  3. Inspirational quotes are no longer an Instagram thing.
    As you browse through content on other websites and in other apps, such as Kindle, you could be seeing the option to share selected text directly to Facebook. No more having to copy and then paste quotes into a new post like some sort of commoner. Could this be the beginning of us seeing micro-metrics around what specific content pieces are performing well? We hope so!
  4. Videos for everyone!
    A real-time live video feature being called Facebook Live rolled out earlier this week, right ahead of the announcement . It is believed that this new tool will challenge services like Periscope and SnapChat, but not directly (but totally directly). The big difference is that Facebook Live will allow for live video to connect to any camera—including equipped drones. The core of this technology is also added to the Messenger update, allowing for FaceTime communication that isn’t actually FaceTime.
  5. Quickly log into just about anything.
    Facebook wants your data, even if you don’t use Facebook. With the new Facebook Account Kit, developers will be able to allow (mainly mobile) users to log into web services and apps using only a phone number. These types of features and tools are why data security will continue to grow in importance over time. This is also why SMS spamming is the new email spam.

There were a lot of other updates and reveals but, overall, our buddy Zuckerberg is taking his company to a bigger playground. Over the next five years, the Facebook team will focus on beefing up their tech arm by creating and facilitating the connectivity of everything—going to new places with artificial intelligence and extending their virtual and augmented reality tools. Meanwhile, we’re still waiting to know whether or not the poke feature is going to get an upgrade.

Original article appeared on TheBlackSheepAgency.com, April 2016.