Coffee, comics and casual blazers

I’m an award-winning creative who is a professional hybrid developer, UX and interaction designer, digital strategist and creative director. Currently, I’m responsible forĀ helping clients think differently in the digital space so they better keep their promises of playing a meaningful, indispensable role in the lives of people.

I handle digital strategy, creative direction and digital translation of campaign concepting, information architecture, visual design, user experience and more. Defining strategy goals and determining user needs and analysis is just a standard Monday. My background is packed with development, design, and strategy related experiences within marketing and advertising.

My obsessive need to be connected and to consume content goes beyond the bounds of an internet connection. In the real world, I am a coffee guzzling nerd who will opt to read a book or something from my stack of comic books. I have A LOT of opinions about design, the advertising industry and human experiences in the digital space.

You can learn more about the company I work for, or you can see more of me on LinkedIn. Feel free to download and cherish a copy of my resume.